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Truth to Muslims Package

Truth to Muslims Package

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Normal price of all of these items combined would be $300. We're offering the package exclusively to you at the introductory price of $249!

This small group study kit will equip and empower Christians to boldly share their faith in Christ.  Truth to Muslims, will also provide outreach tools to share the Gospel with Muslims.

What's in the package:

  • BRIDGES Leader Kit
  • Companion Books (5 copies)
  • Ambassadors to Muslims Book (5 copies)

PLUS these Outreach resources:

  • Adha in the Injeel (5 copies)
  • Is the Injeel Corrupted? (5 copies)
  • Do Christians Worship 3 gods?
  • Who died on the cross?
  • Who is Isa Bin Maryam?
  • Is Muhammad in the Bible?
  • Is Injeel Barnaba True?

Not ready for the package or need to add to what you've already purchased? Of course you can still purchase any of these titles individuallly as well.